$HOWER | Proof of concept

UX Project


This is a concept for a project with the goal of improving an existing experience by adding a new feature or implementing new technology. The idea was to work through the experience using storyboarding, prototyping, and other research to create a seamless user experience.

I started off with this problem statement using myself as the target audience

As someone who likes a good shower but feels guilty if I take a long one

I want to know and plan how much water I use 

So that I can enjoy my showers without worrying


The first ideas looked like a touch screen mounted in the shower with a countdown timer on it. I determined that this was not a good idea because the shower is a very intimate place and I don’t think people want this kind of intrusive technology in their shower. 

Then I moved on to the idea for a simple light that would notify you when your shower was going long. Based on prototyping the best version of this was something that could be mounted on the wall next to the user.

Prototyping with classmate Maryana Kuznetsova

Prototyping with classmate Maryana Kuznetsova


Looking for a neutral way of notifying the user of how long they had been in the shower I began research calm technology. Which is technology where the interaction with the user is designed to occur in the user’s periphery rather than constantly at the center of their attention. It communicates without necessarily having to speak and maybe most importantly it informs and creates calm. With this in mind I wanted to apply these concepts to my problem because it fit with the goal of the user experience.

Asset 6.png

My idea developed into a system that would use lighting cues in the shower to inform the user on how long they were in there for. This would link with an app on the users phone that would keep track of water used and set up a financial plan for saving money and water.


Once the user sets the goal and determines how long they want their showers to be, when they are taking a shower the light will slowly and calmly change colors letting the user know what stage they are in. The lighting cues are divided into 3 stages

First is a light yellow gradient that represents sunrise and waking up

The middle stage is a neutral white light

the final stage the light turns to a
blue green

When you reach your financial goal you will hear a cash register “cha-ching” sounds and get a notification to your phone.